Homophobia and a controversial Portuguese

As this is the first official post, I’m not going to cover this week’s football. Instead, I’m going to cover the latest news such as Jose Mourinho’s claim that Chelsea’s drop in form is due to the change in their style in play.

My first topic, however, is that of homophobia in football. This weekend, Stonewall (https://www.stonewall.org.uk/) have got clubs such as Everton to take part in the event. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has also confirmed in a press conference that he will allow his players to wear the rainbow coloured laces.‎ Arsene stated: “I am personally against it [homophobia]. For me, that is linked with racism. Every single week, you could find a reason to fight against it. It’s a kind of racism and that should all be included in the fight against racism. In our club, everybody is free to have his own opinion of these kind of things.”

Some clubs however, such as Tottenham, Manchester United, Sunderland, Southampton and Norwich have stated that they will not be taking part in this campaign to kick homophobia out of football. An official statement from Tottenham read, “Whilst the campaign message is positive and one we support, there was unfortunately no prior consultation with ourselves, the Premier League or other clubs. Such consultation would have enabled us to avoid issues in respect of associated third-party commercial entities. ” Personally, I think it is disgraceful that Tottenham have refused to take part in a campaign for such an important cause due to sponsorship reasons. Leave your view in the comments section.

My second topic is about the poor form shown by Chelsea in their recent matches against Everton and FC Basel. Jose Mourinho spoke today, blaming the club’s worst start to the league in ten years on the change in their style of play. Mourinho stated that he cannot predict how long it will take for his tactical changes to improve results. “If someone expects me to play against Fulham tomorrow with nine players behind the ball and wait for them to make a mistake and win 1-0, then I will not go home happy,”  said the Portuguese. It is clear from this that Mourinho wants to start winning by playing football, not resorting to lower league styles of play. For once, I completely support Jose Mourinho for what he is trying to do. It can however be argued that Chelsea were already playing football and don’t need to change. One thing I do question however, is his decision to leave Juan Mata on the bench in their recent games.

Just a short post as the blog has only just started but I hope you enjoy reading my opinion on these two controversial topics, please leave comments and follow us on twiiter: https://twitter.com/blogs_daily   Plus like our page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Footballdailyblogs

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