Can Arsenal win the League? Yes. Will Arsenal win the League? Maybe.

This post is going to be about Arsenal’s current form. Now we all know that Arsenal can win the League this season, the question that nobody seems so sure about is whether or not Arsenal will win the League. There are many myths about Arsenal having a poor defense and letting in easy goals. Maybe two seasons ago I wouldn’t have argued against those but last season, Arsenal had the second best defense in the league and this season, when Koscielny and Mertesacker have started and finished a game together, Arsenal haven’t lost. The midfield doesn’t need much said about it. I feel sorry for Arsene Wenger having to make a decision about which five to start each game. Up front Arsenal have Giroud. He looks a lot more confident in front of goal this season but its not his goalscoring which impresses me. I think that the best thing about Giroud is the way he holds up the ball, his first touch is class and his strength is also very good. Arsenal now look much more solid and in control which I put down to Flamini who could well be one of the best value signings the Premier League has ever seen. He’s made Arsenal a hell of a lot more solid, no more easy goals conceded and he was on a free. At the moment, I’m going to say that Arsenal can’t win the league due to squad depth but if they buy another striker in January and are still in the top two by then, I may just have to change my mind.



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