World Cup Qualifying Results/Fixtures 16th – 20th November





16/11/13 15:00 Calabar   Nigeria 2-0 (4-1 agg) Ethiopia
16/11/13 19:00 Casablanca   Senegal 1-1 (2-4 agg) Ivory Coast
17/11/13 14:00 Yaounde   Cameroon 4-1 (4-1 agg) Tunisia
19/11/13 16:00 Cairo   Egypt 2-1 (3-7 agg) Ghana
19/11/13 18:15 Blida   Algeria 1-0 (3-3 agg) Burkina Faso
19/11/13 19:15 Zagreb   Croatia 2-0 (2-0 agg) Iceland
19/11/13 19:45 Solna   Sweden 2-3 (2-4 agg) Portugal
19/11/13 20:00 Saint-Denis   France 3-0 (3-2 agg) Ukraine
19/11/13 19:00 Bucharest   Romania 1-1 (4-2 agg) Greece
20/11/13 06:00 Wellington   New Zealand 2-4 (3-9 agg) Mexico
21/11/13 23:00 Montevideo   Uruguay VS Jordan

My predictions are:

  • Nigeria 2-0 Ethiopia
  • Senegal 1-2 Ivory Coast
  • Cameroon 1-0 Tunisia
  • Egypt 1-3 Ghana
  • Algeria 1-0 Burkina Faso
  • Croatia 1-0 Iceland
  • Sweden 1-1 Portugal
  • France 2-1 Ukraine
  • Romania 1-1 Greece
  • New Zealand 0-2 Mexico
  • Uruguay 4-0 Jordan


World Cup Qualifying Results 13th – 15th November

The first legs of 6 World Cup qualifiers contested by 12 hopeful nations have been played this week, and it is pretty much certain that 2 of these teams will be going to Brazil and two of these teams will be staying at home. Mexico thrashed New Zealand 5-1 in a fine display whilst Jordan were inevitably destroyed 5-0 at home by Uruguay. The only real surprise of these qualifiers came in France’s qualifier against Ukraine where the Yellow Blues came out victorious with  a 2-0 win. Despite some wonderful footballing displays there is still a lot to play for in the 2nd legs in many of these ties. A few teams can’t start celebrating just yet….

World Cup Qualifying 1st Leg Results

Date Venue Matches
13/11/13 20:30 Mexico City Mexico 5-1 New Zealand
13/11/13 15:00 Amman Jordan 0-5 Uruguay
15/11/13 19:45 Piraeus Greece 3-1 Romania
15/11/13 19:45 Lisbon Portugal 1-0 Sweden
15/11/13 19:45 Kyev Ukraine 2-0 France
15/11/13 17:00 Reykjavik Iceland 0-0 Croatia


brazil 2014

World Cup Qualifying Results 11 – 13 October

Date Venue    


13/10/13 Rades   Tunisia



13/10/13 Addis Ababa   Ethiopia

1:2 (0:0)


12/10/13 Abidjan   Ivory Coast

3:1 (2:0)


12/10/13 Ouagadougou   Burkina Faso

3:2 (1:0)


11/10/13 Tallinn   Estonia

0:2 (0:1)


11/10/13 Baku   Azerbaijan

2:0 (0:0)

Northern Ireland

11/10/13 Solna   Sweden

2:1 (0:1)


11/10/13 Cologne   Germany

3:0 (1:0)

Republic of Ireland

11/10/13 Maribor   Slovenia

3:0 (2:0)


11/10/13 Lisbon   Portugal

1:1 (1:0)


12/10/13 Mexico City   Mexico

2:1 (1:0)


11/10/13 Amsterdam   Netherlands

8:1 (4:0)


11/10/13 Andorra La Vella   Andorra

0:4 (0:1)


11/10/13 Tirana   Albania

1:2 (0:0)


11/10/13 Luxembourg   Luxembourg

0:4 (0:3)


11/10/13 Copenhagen   Denmark

2:2 (1:1)


12/10/13 Buenos Aires   Argentina

3:1 (2:1)


11/10/13 Zenica   Bosnia-Herzegovina

4:1 (4:0)


11/10/13 Cardiff   Wales

1:0 (0:0)

FYR Macedonia

11/10/13 Ta’Qali   Malta

1:4 (0:2)

Czech Republic

11/10/13 Yerevan   Armenia

2:1 (1:0)


11/10/13 Reykjavik   Iceland

2:0 (0:0)


11/10/13 Vilnius   Lithuania

2:0 (1:0)


11/10/13 Zagreb   Croatia

1:2 (0:2)


11/10/13 Torshavn   Faroe Islands

1:1 (1:0)


11/10/13 Kansas City   USA

2:0 (0:0)


11/10/13 San Cristobal   Venezuela

1:1 (0:1)


11/10/13 Barranquilla   Colombia

3:3 (0:3)


11/10/13 Quito   Ecuador

1:0 (1:0)


11/10/13 San Pedro Sula   Honduras

1:0 (0:0)

Costa Rica

World Cup 2014: Current Qualifying Standings

USA, Costa Rica

Two of either Mexico, Honduras and Panama are fighting for a final qualifying and play-off spot. Jamaica trail the rest by four points, but technically still have a slim chance. The fourth placed-side will play New Zealand.

Mexico, Panama and Honduras are all contenders for the final automatic qualification and play-off spot. Four points behind them lie Jamaica who are in very slight contention for a place. It’s all to play for in the Americas.


Brazil, Argentina

Hosts Brazil are guaranteed a place in the World Cup and giants Argentina have qualified. The remaining teams are all in with a chance of qualifying for the competition with Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay battling it out. These four nations are fighting for the three remaining guaranteed slots. Whoever finishes fifth will go into a play off against Jordan from the Asian qualifying section.


Italy and Holland had already booked their tickets to Rio, with Belgium joining them just a few moments ago after beating Croatia 2-1 in Zagreb. Switzerland, Spain and Germany are very close to achieving this. They are all just a point away from qualifying, and Spain have a game in hand to make things a little easier. Elsewhere the likes of France, Russia and England among others are almost at the point of qualifying, but the permutations of results could change everything. The European qualifying region is far from decided; For a full account of the groups visit:



There are plenty of possible qualifiers as five play-off matches are being held, home and away, in October and November. The 5 aggregate winners of these ties will proceed to the World Cup next year. Ivory Coast vs Senegal and Algeria vs Burkina Faso will kickstart the games on Saturday 12th October. Along with these sides, on Sunday Ethiopia host African champions Nigeria, while Cameroon visit Tunisia. Ghana host Egypt in the final first-leg match on Tuesday.


Japan, South Korea, Iran, Australia

Four teams have already qualified for the World Cup and only one remains in contention for a place. Jordan must face either Chile, Colombia, Ecuador or Uruguay from South America, a tough challenge for any nation. The odds are against Jordan qualifying but anything could happen



New Zealand comfortably won their section finishing six points ahead of New Caledonia in second place, but must wait for an opponent from the Americas to see if they can qualify. Surprisingly, Australia opted out of qualifying in the Oceanic region, and have qualified in the tougher Asian qualifying region.

That’s a roundup of the current situation regarding the qualifying in each and every confederation for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. From the look of things, the weekend ahead will be decisive and full of drama, regarding the qualification of some countries. One to look forward to in my opinion…